Sunday, September 2, 2012


HAL DAVID has reportedly died, just yesterday. This morning, in the new September sunshine, I sang and whistled my two favourite Burt Bacharach/ Hal David songs on the way to work. They are THE LOOK OF LOVE (Dusty Springfield) and THIS GUY"S IN LOVE WITH YOU (Herb Alpert), both realised within a year of each other towards the end of the 6o's.

This one contains the lovely lines:

'My hands are shakin' don't let my heart keep breaking 'cause

I need your love, I want your love

Say you're in love and you'll be my guy, if not I'll just die.'

Try not to be too distracted by this clip, from 'Casino Royale'. I have included it because it features Ursula Andress, who is apparently the inspiration for this song. Clearly, she has 'the look of love.' I have always felt that Marilyn Monroe did too, especially around the time she married Joe Di Maggio. The clip also includes the lovers wandering by a large fish tank, a much more romantic couple than the two frauds in baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet'!

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