Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nights In White Satin in Torquay

I AM all clogged up with work at the moment, after a long break of a mixture of anxiety and relaxation. The clogged up with work part feels a bit claustrophobic and hectic and not very liberating. But during this period of work I want to hold onto the memory of what it was like running full tilt with the lovely crisp wind at dusk along a beach in Torquay, a run I have done many times before. I ran what must have been 4 or 5 kilometres in no time at all, my feet feeling like they were gliding across the firm sand, my heart leaping in exaltation. What really drove my mood though was the music in my ears. I played some soulful tracks from 'What's Going On?' which then cut into The Moody Blues- 'The Story in Your Eyes' and 'Nights in White Satin.' The former felt like a great, great song, although it probably isn't, and the latter felt like a song of genius, which it probably is. On the return trip, tired now, and jogging into the driving wind, my mood was more dogged and mellow, and I played 'Streets of Arklow' from Veedon Fleece. I can't wait to go back later in the year and relive this feeling again.

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