Tuesday, January 17, 2012

jan juc, jan 2012- a sense of wonder

JAN JUC in the daytime in the summer is the superior beach along this section of the Great Ocean Road. It isn't overly crowded, there are some smooth white dunes, and the water is cool and choppy, and best of all the sand is white and comfortable to lie on. But even better than the day time, Jan Juc is glorious at dusk. I ran down to the beach from our rented house in Torquay. The tide was slowly coming in, but there was still a lot of exposed sand. The sky had the remains of a scarlet colored sun and the water was aqua in patches and a darker blue toward the horizon. The wet stretches of sand were best for walking on and there were few people about-some ambitious fisherman and children throwing a ball to their saturated dog. Even at 8:00 PM there were a few people in the water ducking gently soaring waves. The air was filled with quiet and a peaceful excitement. The whole time I was walking, my breath slowing from my run, I watched the grey line of the horizon, the choppy, aqua colored water, and the cold white foam of the waves, thinking how lucky I am to be living only an hour and a half from a setting that fills you with such a sense of wonder.

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