Monday, December 19, 2016

Mavis again- the current state of Australia

MAVIS Clarke was first interviewed on February 22, 2014. She is a British woman who lives in Glenroy with her husband Laurie. She was originally a ‘ten pound pom’ and has an increasingly negative view of the immigration problems she sees mounting in Australia.


‘Lovely to see you again. I know why you have come back. It’s because the world is turning, isn’t it? You might have guessed, I’ve had a smile on my dial for several months now. Things were pretty bleak there for a while, while Sco Mo was doing his job as Immigration Minister. Don’t get me wrong. With the help of Tony Abbott he did stop the boats. And they’ve still stopped. It’s just that Sco Mo was nothing compared to the real Iron Man, Peter Dutton. He tells it like it is. No fear. The other day he was bang on the money when her said we’ve dragged too many Lebo’s into the country. Someone had to say it. It’s needed to be said for years. And here we are, making the same mistakes. Blacks. Kids from South Sudan who run wild and think they’re in the jungle out here, like it’s some sort of African Apocalypse Now. Except we know who invited them. I’m pretty sure it was Julia Gillard, and if it wasn’t, then it was Kevin 07. You can bet Peter Dutton won’t be bringing any more out. I’ve got a feeling the next lot of ‘refugees’ will be Christian’s like me. Maybe even from England or the British Isles. See, the penny is dropping. Australia is waking up to itself at last.

No, I’m not saying things are perfect. There’s still issues since you interviewed me last, back in Feb, 2014. Take the media. It’s about time we had some equality in reporting as a lot of Australians are sick to death of the Lefty/Marxist/Socialist agenda being shoved at us from every angle. That’s still happening. The Age hasn’t quite gone out of business yet, although it’s closer. Laurie still buys it, but did you see how thin it was today? Yet it’s still $2.80. Waleed Aly’s mouth is getting bigger and bigger, ever since he won that Logie. I had to laugh. Waleed Aly asking Lucy Honan who organised the ‘Teachers for Refugees’ movement whether it’s a teacher’s role to push a political agenda. And he managed to ask while keeping a straight face. Last Monday teachers in some Victorian schools wore slogan T-shirts and had discussions with students about Australia’s supposedly poor treatment of refugees. They should have been sacked immediately. Peter Dutton will get onto this, mark my words.

Am I happy with the new PM? No, not quite. Wrong man. Nothing will replace Tony. Malcolm Turnbull saying none of these Manus Island hobos will ever get to Australia, even if they become government officials of another country one day. Well, that’s a pretty safe bet that won’t happen. And you might say ‘good on him, he is getting away from the Marxist’s at last’, but what does he go and do? He plans to make a swap with America, you take these jokesters who tried to illegally sneak onto Australian waters, and we’ll take some of your illegals- black ones at that- who tried to illegally get into your country. So, in other words, a terrorists’ swap. Worse, we get the black ones.
My sister, back in Bristol, thinks it’s hilarious. She knows how these bastards have stuffed up her country, and she wants the same thing to happen here. ‘Well listen here’, I told her on my Christmas card the other day, ‘it is happening’. I sent her some clippings from the Herald Sun about the Apex gang running wild in the streets and breaking into people’s houses. ‘Come to Glenroy’, I say. ‘Laurie will shoot your heads off with his hidden Adler.’
Donald Trump? Thought you’d ask me about him. But- and this is a big but- two saviours have been born, just before Christmas, ironically enough. Donald Trump out in the US is making America great again (If things don’t improve here me and Laurie are going over).  And the other one is here, the beautiful redhead, God Bless her. Pauline. One Nation is thriving, and why wouldn’t it be? She says it how it is, she knows what the average man on the street thinks, and that is no blacks, no Muslims, no Sharia law, no burqas or hee-jabs, no polygamists ripping off Centrelink, no Apex (deport them all), close temples and mosques, leave if you don’t like our way of life, and let’s get back to the real Australia. Lamb or pig, doesn’t matter, BBQ’s, sunscreen Christmas carols, Christian man, woman, dog sitting on their porches or under the sprinkler with barely nothing on, or going down to the RSL for dinner knowing it’s safe and knowing there’ll be no black Sudanese kid or some Muslim kid standing in your lounge when you get home looking for your video or DVD player.

Anyone who pays on a boat and comes to another country is as far as I’m concerned is illegal. Where is this so-called multiculturalism? We’re losing our culture here. They’re imposing their values on us. These poor women in their godawful shrouds- all this clobber- it should be banned- b-a-n-n-e-d. We don’t do that in Australia. So much for Christmas. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays! How many times have you heard that lately? No councils putting up Christmas decorations anymore. Why are we so hell-bent on changing to fit all these people from other countries?

The wheel is turning my friend. But pretty slowly. My grandkids will reap the benefits. By the time they’re teenagers Glenroy will go back to all its former glory. See how optimistic I am. We are slowly waking up that there’s a nightmare on our doorstep. Aleppo, Germany, Italy, Afghanistan. Let the rest of the world go mad. I’m sitting with Laurie in the kitchen, he’s boiling the tea. My little Christmas tree is twinkling away in the corner. There’s Lauries’s Bassett licorice on the table and some shortbread and biscuits from my sister, Pauline Hanson’s smiling away there on the telly. And I don’t give a rats about anything anymore. 



Anonymous said...

This is a great piece of writing. I love the concept, of writing about the world from a perspective that is the antithesis of your own. Mavis and I would definitely not get along. Reading your work again has inspired me to reignite my own blogging journey. Thanks!

harrison said...

Thank you it is fun writing like this. Wish I had more time though.