Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 20 Best Songs of The Moody Blues

The two best Moody Blues albums- Seventh Sojourn and On The Threshold Of A Dream

WHENEVER we see 'best of' records in the shops we find ourselves getting annoyed that the ones that have been chosen are the boppy, commercial ones, and in a lot of cases, not the 'best ones' atall. Hence, 'Brown Eyed Girl' is always on Van Morrison albums such as this, as is 'Love Me Two Times' by The Doors.

So for what it's worth, here is my own personal list of the best Moody Blues songs- from the period of 'In Search Of A Lost Chord' to 'Seventh Sojourn' at any rate (1967-1972).

1. Legend Of A Mind (Thomas)

2. Voices In The Sky (Hayward)

3. Nights In White Satin (Hayward)

4. Another Morning (Thomas)

5. Tuesday Afternoon (Hayward)

6. Never Comes The Day (Hayward)

7. Have You Heard?/ The Voyage/ Have You Heard?

8. Emily's Song (Lodge)

9. One More Time To Live (Lodge)

10. Question (Hayward)

11. And The Tide Rushes In (Thomas)

12. It's Up To You (Hayward)

13. Gypsy (Hayward)

14. Candle Of Life (Lodge)

15. Watching & Waiting (Hayward/ Thomas)

16. Lost In A Lost World (Pinder)

17. When You're A Free Man (Pinder)

18. New Horizons (Hayward)

19. Land Of Make Believe (Hayward)

20. Isn't Life Strange (Lodge)

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